25 Aug 2014

Miss Insta Asia Kristina Onika Win 2011 First Prize

First name: Kristina
Last name: Onika
Date of birth: 30.11.1989
About me: I love to travel and extreme sports
Hobbies: sports, tennis
Favourite films: comedy
Favourite books: I do not remember
 you had a time machine, where would you go?: 2010 and won the competition of Miss 2010
 What is Forex for you?: Jobs
What is your most cherished dream?: become a successful trader
City: Chisinau
Country: Moldova
Education: College
Occupation: Forex
Favourite  music: All !! in the mood
Have you ever gone in for sports?

Which ones?: Tennis

Do you have 

Forex trading experience?: Why did you decide to take part
in Miss Insta Asia beauty contest?: try to win


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